The following pages contain extreme high-resolution mosaic images that are zoomable. Each image is actually made up of over 10,000 individual photographs - basically every photograph I've shot at the ski races over the past few years. You've seen these types of images - from a distance it looks like a photo. As you get closer you can make out the individual photographs that make up the image.

Because of the image size and complexity, I only created two of these - one using the CMSC logo and the other a skier. Each of these images has over 13,000 little pieces linked to it - so they take up a lot of space on our server.

So browse and zoom. It's a cool way to view the images..... Just be patient - they can take some time to view, especially if you have a slow connection!

zoom! zoom! zoom! zoom! zoom! zoom!
CMSC Logo Bib #29

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