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On the hill
Candid snapshots and video clips will be posted from CMSC Alpine Racing events throughout the season. Mostly photos!

There is no "Official CMSC Alpine Racing photographer" - although Rick is as close as it gets!

Photo Gallery
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Are you wondering where the previous pictures went?

The gallery has all the photos taken over the past few years, current year first. For the most part they are organized by date, then by hill (A hill or B hill.) Usually each race includes other photos taken throughout the day, as well as the awards ceremony.

The original photos are much higher resolution than we upload to the gallery - if you see a couple pictures you want in the highest resolution, find the file name and contact either Karola or Rick.  We can eMail them to you.

Almost all the photos were shot by Rick - he started skiing in 2004, and as his skiing improved so did his photos. This years are the best to date!

Wilmot - Jan. 10th - 2010
Anyone else out there that can claim such precision for centering yourself? 

How long did he have to train to become this accurate? 

Way to slam that gate!!
Wilmot - Feb. 7th - 2009
 Marquette - Jan. 31st - 2009 Hill
Click for full size 

We just like the colors, facial expression, and gate position!

 Wilmot - Jan. 4th - 2009 - B Hill - Jr. Racer
Wow! This kid can fly!

This is one of our Junior racers, Ashley Childress, she is also part of the Wilmot Race Team.

She had the 2nd fastest time on the
B-Hill  - Wow !!!

 Wilmot - Jan. 11th - 2009 - Combined Hill - Vet A
Nice gate hit! 

One of the race committee makes a great gate check!

Way to go Steve!

 Wilmot - Jan. 11th - 2009 - Combined Hill - Vet A - Wipeout of the Week

This photo was shot the moment his right leg booted-out of the binding. Click on the image for a full size view.

Yes, Frank Dziechciowski did wipe out impressively, destroying a gate, but ending uninjured!

Wipe Out 
More Photos Of The Week (2007/08)


Zoomable Mosaics - one image is made up of EVERY photo from Jan. 2006-Mar. 2008!
Feb. 8th & 9th 2008 Extras: Interactive Image
Jan. 26th 2008 Extras: Some animated GIF files and time lapse of the skiers.

 Fun Stuff

Wilmot - 02/24/07
Marquette - 2/11/07

B Hill on January 27 '07
A Hill on January 20 '07

Time Lapse of a Course Set-up
Zoomable Panoramic "Wipe Out" shot

Video clips
Video clips