Wilmot - 2-4-08 - B Hill
That could have hurt! 

When we found this shot from Sunday, well, we just had to stare. And stare. Where's his head? Arms? Huh?

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 Wilmot - 2-9-08 - B Hill, aka, Siberia

With a wind chill close to -35 below, we had to use a shot that showed just how much fun Sunday really was!

Icicle? No, Skicicle!

 Marquette - 2-2-08 - A Hill

About time we
honor one of our women racers!


  Wilmot - 1-27-08 - A Hill

What Can I Say?

I Like a decent

wipeout shot!

And he was considerate
enough to lose it
right in front of me!


  Wilmot - 1-5-08 - A Hill
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But we can still
NAIL those gates!


  Wilmot - 2-4-07 - A Hill

$1,400 for the skis

$825 for boots

$125 for poles

Having watched
"Superman Returns"
and thinking you can fly...


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