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 A few Words About the Gallery (OK, a lot of words)

This Gallery is a PUBLIC Gallery.  That means anyone may view our pictures without being a registered user.

However, this Gallery offers many features, that we have restricted to Registered Users ONLY!  Galleries by nature are prone to spam attacks.  Leaving all the fun options open to all public visitors would be asking for trouble.  Some of the options
are . . .

1.  You can leave comments for each pictures

2.  You can vote for your favorite pictures.

3.  You can save as many pictures as you like to your "Favorites" and download them all at once as a ZIP file.  The download will include the highest resolution that is available on the site (1600x1067 pixels.  As of the 09/10 season some pictures are at even a higher resolution.)

4.  And most importantly, we invite you to share your own pictures.  You can upload them right through the Gallery.  No one has taken us up on this offer yet.  That means it will be a learning experience for both of us.  We would welcome the opportunity to work out any difficulties that may arise in the process.  You can't break anything - so give it a try!

To Register

Click on the Register tab and fill out the required fields.  Although not a required field, please include the Club you belong to.  Remember we are trying to keep out the spammers, so we need a way to identify you.  If you are a CMSC racer, we'll recognize your name.  Once you send the registration, we will receive a notice and must approve the registration before you can log-on.  You will receive an eMail once we approve you.  We apologize for having to  jump through all these hoops - but trust us, we have seen a spam attack and it isn't pretty.  We are in front of our computers way too many hours a day, so it should not take long for you to hear back from us.