Photo Gallery - Help
 Q.  Where did all the pictures go?
 A.  They are all there - really they are!
  From the Main Menu, click on the "Media & Forum" option.  Then select Select  "Photos & Video"

That gets you to the main photo page which includes the most interesting pictures of the week and a link
"Click Here To Enjoy the Gallery."


 Entering the Gallery
  The photo gallery is organized into "Categories" and then "Albums."  Example:

Categories are:
2008/2009 Season
2007/2008 Season

In each category you have "Albums."  Example:
Albums are:
Wilmot - 2/2/09 - A Hill 1st Run
Wilmot - 2/2/09 - B Hill 2nd Run

When you first enter the gallery, you can see all Categories as you scroll down the page.  Each Category only shows the first 10 albums.  To reach additional albums, you need to click on those little white numbers at the bottom of each category.

Go to the gallery and carefully scroll down the 2008/2009 Season and stop when you come to a gray divider line.  On the left, the line says 34 albums on 4 page(s).  At the right of that line you will see  numbers 1 through 4.  Click on those numbers and you will see the additional albums for the Category (season.)  As we add more albums, the number 34 will change as well as the number of pages, depending on how many pages are needed.  Typically we post 8 albums per weekend.  By the time the 2008/2009 season is over, you will have more than 50 albums to look at.

Hope this helped.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.  Just click on the "Contact Us" icon at left and send me a message. (Click on Webmaster)


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